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LG Cell Phones have been dominating the market in various forms and styles. “Life’s good” With LG, is a motto that is noticeable from the scenario. The good and not so good LG products led to the manufacture of LG Dare, a cell phone with very few flaws and with outstanding features. So far cell phones have been following a familiar trend with design and features but LG DARE has something new to offer its users. LG’s latest handset, dares to take things in a different direction. The appropriately named LG Dare presents a few tricks we haven’t seen before in the touch-screen phone genre. For example, you can drag and drop icons to make your own customized shortcuts on the home screen, or you can use a drawing pad to sketch ideas or draw a map, which can then be sent via MMS to a friend. The Dare also has one of the most advanced cameras we’ve seen on a touch-screen phone its 3.2 megapixel camera has settings like face detection, noise reduction, panorama photo stitching, and a SmartPic technology designed for taking photos in low light. The built-in camcorder can even record high-speed video and play it back in slow-motion, which is a first for U.S. camera phones.

LG has been a master of various electronic and digital products and it is famous worldwide. Ranging from environment friendly to not so environment friendly products LG has been creating and devising ways to make everyone’s life good. Ranging from vacuum cleaners to television sets, Unlocked Cell Phones to wired phones, LG has been a master of the growing technology. Every LG product has been cherished by customers so far and LGs various cell phones have stormed the market with their incredible design and features. Everyone these days requires a cell phone. Small, big, technically advanced, etc, no matter what kind of cell phone people have, as long as its LG they feel it’s worth buying.

Like all touch-screen phones, the LG Dare’s design is dominated by a large display covering almost the entirety of the phone’s front surface. Indeed, the only visible keys on the front are the Call, Clear/Voice command, and End/Power keys at the very bottom. The Dare is quite a bit smaller than both the iPhone and the Samsung Instinct, measuring only 4.1 inches long by 2.2 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick. The LG Dare can also be purchased as one of many Unlocked Cell Phones offered by Cell2Get. The LG Dare also has a stainless steel border along its sides, and a black soft touch surface on the back that gives it a nice grip in the hand. It weighs about 3.76 ounces, which gives it a light yet solid feel. Thus LG dare has whatever it takes, to be a daring cell phone, at the same time, it has got features that will keep you amazed for a long time!

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