The Lovely Mobile Phone of Sony Ericsson W850i

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Belonging to the sliders’ category, Sony Ericsson W850i, brought a major innovation of design as compared to former models. A large screen and an included Walkman, with these two features, Sony Ericsson W850i made good sales. While buyers who have an idea of what a phone should be from the technical point of view, make a more serious selection, less informed users are won over by the look of the phone. Available either white or black, this phone reflects elegance in its look; the main impression comes from the Walkman logo written in gold-plated letters.

Sony Ericsson W850i is a really beautiful phone both on the outside and on the inside. The modern touch comes from the light effect that pulses on the keypad following the music beat. On the inside, the music player is high class, you’ll enjoy a crystal clear sound both for the Walkman and the radio. If you buy the promotional phone package, you’ll get an incorporated Mega Bass feature and a stereo headset to match. The 1GB memory stick Pro Duo and the possibility to store 250 tracks justifies many buyers’ preference for Sony Ericsson W850i.

The designers have also brought improvements in what the management option is concerned. The drag and drop operation allows quick and easy file transfer through an USB cable. The Walkman software also enables the music download directly to the phone at a very high speed. One further noteworthy feature is the TrackID. If you listen to a song on the radio but do not know who plays it, this piece of software helps you track the album and the artist. What an incredible feature!

Sony Ericsson W850i has a built in camera that renders very good quality pictures, with the possibility to use the digital flash and zoom. Then, you can also record all sorts of things as well as make 3G video calls. What this media device lacks is the autofocus, which makes the K800i model superior to Sony Ericsson W850i. Despite this minor flaw, reviews claim that Sony Ericsson W850i makes one of the best Walkman phones ever released. A cheaper non-3G version of Sony Ericsson W850i is also available for anyone interested in getting a bargain. Have a look at both models and see which suits your needs best!

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