There's Money to be Made Selling Refurbished Cell Phones

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With the proliferation of cell phones in recent years, it’s almost reached the point where we view them as having little value, so much so that many people throw away their old phones upon upgrading to a new model. This is very far from the case though, and in fact there is quite a big market out there for people looking to purchase top of the line cell phones, in used condition, at great prices. Knowing what to do with your used Sprint phones could be the difference between a fistful of dollars, or a slightly larger garbage bag.

To get started, you need to gather a good collection of refurbished cell phones, which can be accomplished through multiple avenues. Friends and relatives are a great start, as they’ll often be more than willing to pass along their old phones for a worthy cause. Those contacts alone won’t be nearly enough to begin a full-fledged cell phone business though, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities to snatch up used and refurbished cell phones on the cheap. Business liquidation sales are a great start, as well as online shops and auctions. You may also want to advertise your services online and in local papers, emphasizing both the buying and selling aspects of your business.

Now that you have a large inventory of phones, you can begin to research and price them. Some phones will of course be worth much more than others, and accurately pricing your phones will go a long way towards making your business successful. The easiest way to identify any given phone is to find the serial number, which is generally somewhere on the back of the phone under the battery spot. With so many phones looking nearly identical, but potentially having vastly different capabilities, properly identifying each phone will allow you to accurately judge their worth.

When you have a solid idea of how much your phones are worth, you can start to sell them. Let’s start with the phones which hold little value, and are either unlikely to be sold individually, or simply aren’t worth the effort to hang on to. Bundle all of these up and find a cell phone wholesaler who will take these off your hands for a decent lump sum. All told, you probably won’t get rich selling these phones, but you may be able to make a small profit or break even from these less desirable models.

With the more popular and highly sought after models left in your collection, you can begin your venture in earnest, by opening up an Ebay Seller’s account, and putting the unlocked cell phones up for auction. If you already have a good Seller’s account, it should be no problem to sell your phones for a great price. If you’re a new account holder, you may not get the same degree of auction action on your items, but stick with it and this will slowly change for the better. Once the entire process is complete, you can count up your profits and begin the process all over again.

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