Turn the Tables When They Sell iPhone Insurance With Your New iPhone

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New iPhone owners are bound to be careful of their new valuable investment, until the novelty wears off a bit, This is often the point when accidental mishaps happen!

Many people who do not have one will show an interest in your new iPhone, especially the common thief! They will target the iPhone as they are so easy to sell on the black market, they can normally shift them in a matter minutes.

Looking at your iPhone security , the iPhone Insurance your O2 shop will try to sell you when you purchased your iphone may be well worth while considering, but it is worth trying to take a step back and thinking about things before you say yes or no to the insurance question. You know you will have to buy your iPhone contract with O2 or CPW O2, as they are the only retailers who supply it, but the insurance policy for your iPhone is a different matter.

Your local O2 or CPW store will be trying hard to convince you into taking out there own brand insurance products. They have your concentration captive to the well trained sales pitch, with one intention, to make you say yes to a product that is well overpriced to similar products available elsewhere. A simple search on Yahoo will bring up a list of UK iPhone Insurance companies that offer a better insurance policy for quite a few pounds less, as well as a few storeys form disgruntled customers who where given false information by their local O2 and CPW sales staff, with the intention of getting them to sign on the line there and then for the O2 or CPW brand of iPhone insurance, thus, another commission payment for the sales staff.

Maybe you are close to taking on a new iPhone contract, this would be an ideal time to search Google for iPhone insurance and learn all the little tricks that sales staff are trained to implement on you when you ask for a new iPhone! Armed with the facts, you can turn the situation to your advantage, rather than the sales advisor. If you told the advisor that the facts they have just told you are incorrect and then tell them how it really is, you will quickly have them on the back foot and feeling the need to offer you something more in order to gain your sale! This is the ideal time to ask for some extras to go with your new iPhone, why not ask them to throw a Bluetooth Handsfree Kit into the deal along with a protective iPhone case, you would be surprised how easy it is to gain a few extras when you have taken control of the sales situation, it really is well worth the extra effort.

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