What Happens When I Sell My Old Phone?

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Is it possible to sell my mobile phone?

Most of us think that it takes a long time to recycle our old mobile phones. Therefore mamy of us first try to sell our old phone to someone that we know. Some people even think that since mobiles are so widely available at cheap prices, that nobody would want to buy their used mobile phones. This is a very big misconception.

There are about a hundred million old mobile phones currently not being used and most probably in storage in homes all over the world.

Many people keep their old phones in case their current phones break down. However, with insurance covering most phones these days, what good is a backup? Moreover, most mobiles come with insurance plans that promise to replace your mobile within a day.

Where can I sell my old mobile phone?

There are now many recycling companies, both on and offline that will gladly buy your old mobile phones from you. As soon as your phone reaches the recycler, they will send your cheque – therefore it can take anything up to one week to receive your cash from them.

These companies will consider a number of recycling options, depending on the condition your old phone is in. The majority of phones that still work and don’t look too messed up will generally be refurbished and sold to other people.

Should your phone be damaged they will strip it for spares to be used to repair other mobiles. Mobile phone recycling also helps protect our precious planet. Recycling also helps keep the number of old mobiles in service, thereby satisfying consumer demands without tapping into our depleting mineral resources.

Do you want to know who will pay you the most if you sell your mobile phone? Well, you no longer have to guess! You should consider using one of the many comparison sites that will show you the different prices that each mobile phone recycler is prepared to pay. When your friend next asks “do you know who I can sell my phone to?” you should be able to help them find the best offer for it. Not only will they earn some extra cash but they will help protect the environment from dangerous chemicals, etc. found inside our mobile phones.

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