What Sony Ericsson T700 Can Offer You

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The new Sony Ericsson T700 is a slim elegant mobile phone whose measurements – only 10 mm, make it lightweight although heavy on looks. It is easy on the wallet and ready to get things done. The telephone would qualify as medium on a first glance, but one cannot deny the fact that it looks stylish, not to mention that the menus and the features are all you can wish for in terms of data processing and interface. Many people have bought Sony Ericsson T700 not as much for its great looks as for the great price it comes at.

The first things to discuss with regard to Sony Ericsson T700 are the key features as there are more advantages to owning one than disadvantages. It is an extra slim telephone that is also very solid and astonishingly lightweight. The color options only include shiny silver, black on red and black on silver. It has a great aluminum finish which makes it wonderfully elegant. There are also a photo browser, a media center, a good battery, smart dialing, location devices and many others wrapped in very resistant covers.

You may want to also check the quad-band GSM, the Bluetooth, the camera, the memory, the radio, the mouse pointer and the browser options. If we consider the maximum talk time, this will not be higher than 9 hours and 30 minutes, although in standby mode, the phone can last up to 370 hours.

There are some downsides to Sony Ericsson T700 as well, and we cannot let them pass unnoticed. Among these weaker issues the most significant seems to be the following: the 25 MB size of inbuilt memory, no auto-focus; it has a tin-can-like sound from the feeble and hollow loudspeaker and no office document viewer.

The company’s product presentation refers to Sony Ericsson T700 as a head turner with the sleek and shiny elegance for a mid-range price. It seems that those who are keen on design peculiarity and perfection, will surely be satisfied with this phone. If you are an older Sony Ericsson user and you may have worked with other models, such as T610 for instance, T700 will win you over. With the Sony Ericsson T700 the fast access to various media and the speed of communication are guaranteed all in one. It is not too much to say that the phone behaves well for business and personal use.

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