Why it is Important that you Recycle your Old Mobile Phones

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The rewards are great when you decide to recycle mobile phones. Our public waste facilities are filling up with old mobile phones as everyday, people choose to upgrade to newer models. This puts pressure on our planet and causes harm to all those nearby.

More than 1 billion new mobile phones will have been bought by the end of the year! Meaning that a lot of people are going to want to recycle mobile phones in the not to distant future. The good news is that there are already many companies online that will recycle your old phone and even pay you for it!

Make some Money Recycling your Old Mobile

Don’t you think you think that you should get something for your old mobile phone? As long as your phone is not too ancient and that it still works you’re sure to be able to get some money for it.

You should take a look on the internet and compare prices from the different mobile recycling companies to find the best deal for your old mobile phone. The process is pretty simple, go to one or more of the many sites available and enter all the relevant information, such as make, model and condition of your phone to see what they offer you for it.

If you choose to recycle your phone with a specific company you will need to fill in your details on their website following which they will send you a jiffy bag in the post. You will then need to send them your old phone, using this bag but be aware that your phone is not insured. Taking this into consideration why not pay a small fee to have your phone sent via signed delivery and make sure that it reaches its intended destination.

Damaged Mobile Phones

Has your phone ever fallen in the pool? Perhaps you have dropped it one to many times? Sadly, if this is the case you may not get much for the phone, however you can feel satisfied that you helped protect the earth from the harmful substances, such as cadmium, found in all mobile phones.

There are many mobile phone recycling companies that will pay you a decent amount for your old phone. Check out the following list for a few good tips on how to recycle mobile phones.

Often, these companies that recycle mobile phones often remove small delicate pieces from a damaged phone in order to repair another. Some recyclers just ‘mine’ the precious metals found within these old phones.

One thing that you should know is that virtually all mobiles contain small amounts of precious metals such as gold, copper and silver. Just one phone would not pay for the trouble of extracting these precious materials but when you multiply 0.3 oz by thousands or even millions of phones you can see how this could become a lucrative activity.

Compare Recyclers

Once you have decided that you are ready to recycle mobile phones, make sure to search for the best offer amongst a few websites before proceeding.

So get your old mobile phones out right away, spend a little time online and recycle them to earn some extra cash now!

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