Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Fortunately with so much competition, cell phone plans are abundant these days. The variety of plans is good news for owners of cell phones everywhere. Since there are so many service providers now, you would be advised to compare as many types of plans that fit with your needs as possible. Care is required so that a buyer is not tied to a contract they do not want.

The option of paying for their cell phone plan on a monthly basis may suit those individuals who use the phone more frequently. For self employed individuals or just heavy phone users, the monthly packages that are available are usually the better option to take.

You also have the option of having a family plan or one based on the region in which you live. Unfortunately, they all have good and bad points so look at the small print carefully.

For prepaid cellular phones, the functionality is often limited so the phone and service you choose may not be able to do everything a similar phone can do when paid for monthly. Plans created for small businesses and families would not be suitable for large companies that have very specific criteria.

For the family user, cellular phone usage discounts are included if you call members of the family that you list on the same bill. Many providers also give discounts for the airtime usage of members talking to any other members within their service.

Of course national cell phone plans will include free calls anywhere in the country. Roaming charges on this type of plan are usually included as part of the agreement and anyone that travels around the country will see the obvious benefits of this type of scheme.

For regional use, this type of plan may require you to pay long-distance charges but the airtime rates may be cheaper. While monthly cell phone plans are generally the best option for most people, some people – usually those with less frequent call requirements – will be best served with a pre-paid plan.

Lastly, some free advice: having a cell phone and being available all the time may not be healthy. Thus, you have to be wary not to allow people disturb you when you need to be alone – with or without your cell phone.