Stuff to Think About Before you Recycle Mobile Phones

Friday, March 26th, 2010

There are many reasons to recycle mobile phones. Our public waste facilities are filling up with old mobile phones as everyday, people choose to upgrade to newer models. This puts pressure on our planet and causes harm to all those nearby.

It is estimated that by the end of this year the number of new mobile phones being purchased will be over a billion! This means that many individuals will want to find ways to recycle mobile phones within the near future. Did you know that there are already several mobile phone recycling companies on the internet that will give you cash to recycle your old phone?

Make some Money Recycling your Old Mobile

Should you decide to recycle mobile phones don’t you reckon that you might as well receive a cheque in the process? Well, if your mobile is in good nick and not totally obsolete you may be in luck.

Search the internet and compare prices between the mobile recycling companies to ensure that you get the highest price for your old mobile phone. All you have to do is search for your phone’s model, make and condition on one (or more) of these sites to see how much they are prepared to pay you for it.

Should you decide to take the offer you will have to complete a form on their site before receiving a free post bag in the mail. You will then need to send them your old phone, using this bag but be aware that your phone is not insured. Taking this into consideration why not pay a small fee to have your phone sent via signed delivery and make sure that it reaches its intended destination.

Damaged Mobile Phones

Ever dropped your phone in the swimming pool? Is it possible that it could have simply been damaged another way? While you may not get much in the way of cash for a phone in this condition, you will feel great that you properly disposed of it and helped save the environment from dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium as well as other harmful materials.

Many online phone recycling companies exist that will happily pay you decent amounts of money for your old phone. You should take a look at the list below before you decide to recycle mobile phones.

Many companies that recycle mobile phones often remove small delicate pieces from a damaged phone in order to repair another. Some recyclers just ‘mine’ the precious metals found within these old phones.

You see nearly all mobile phones have minute amounts of silver, gold and copper inside. A single phone will not warrant the effort involved in ‘mining’ these precious metals however, when you factor a third of an ounce by millions of old mobiles you’ll soon understand how this could be such a profitable operation.

Find the Best Deal

Once you have decided that you are ready to recycle mobile phones, shop around a bit and you’ll be sure to find the highest price for your old phone in no time at all.

Dust off your old mobile phones and see how much money you could earn by recycling them now!

Ways in which you can Earn a Nice Amount of Extra Cash for your Old Mobiles

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Do you know that there are many companies online that will offer you cash for old mobiles?

Nowadays, mobile phones are quite affordable for everyone. When mobile phones were first invented, only the wealthy could afford them. Most of us used to marvel at those that had them and be envious of the fact that they could communicate from anywhere. These days we do not classify having a mobile phone as a luxury but rather something we have to have. One really could not imagine how life would be without our precious devices. At the same time, the mobile phone manufacturers constantly flood the market with the latest and greatest models and designs on offer, tempting people to buy them on a regular basis. It’s therefore no surprise that we regularly get enticed into replacing our phones (even if they are only a few months old phone) for models that are newer and more attractive.

Generally, a mobile phone is used for 18 months or less. This means that as many as 130 billion mobile phones are practically ending up hidden away in a dark drawer or in landfills worldwide, every 18 months. Plenty of which are still in working condition! That is a lot of product being stored away or sitting in a landfill, especially when so many people are interested in refurbished or slightly used mobiles.

Do you keep your old mobile phones, even though you are never likely to use them again? What use are they to you whilst sitting there? What about finding a company that offers people cash for old mobiles by sending them to a mobile phone recycling company?

There are a number of recycling companies on the internet that will pay you good cash for your old mobiles, through their websites. The best this is that they will accept broken and damaged phones as well. Damaged handsets are usually stripped for precious metals and spare parts and then recycled in an environmentally safe manner.

There are different ways to get some cash for old mobiles. If you cannot find anyone to sell your phone to then why not try advertising it on an auction or classifieds site such as eBay, although you will get good exposure you may still not be able to sell it.

An old mobile phone can pollute both water and earth and seriously harm our environment, therefore you should never throw your old phones away. These pollutants can end up in our water systems and potentially cause us serious harm.

Who Should I Sell my Old Mobile to?

These days there are plenty companies that will recycle your old mobile phone for cash. Most of them would pay good cash for your mobile, however some will not. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that your compare prices between the different recycling companies to find the best deal before you sell your old mobile phone. Many websites offer a free comparison list that lets you compare the different prices that you could earn from all the different recyclers.

Making cash for old mobiles is one of the best things you can do. Whilst you will be able to get some money by recycling your old phone, you will also be helping save the environment! Why not gather all your old phones and compare prices to find the best deal and make some extra cash by doing so right away!

Help Protect the Environment by Recycling Nokia Mobile Phones

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Have you ever considered recycling Nokia mobile phones to help protect our planet as well as for some extra money?

Continuous development and new features along with the great quality of their handsets have placed Nokia firmly amongst the best mobile phones in the world. The best part about their phones is that they are easy to use and last longer than the other phones. It’s therefore no shock that people like to replace their old phones with the newest Nokia phone models.

This is great, however have you ever wondered what happens to all our old mobile phones? Maybe on the rubbish heap or hidden away at the back of a dark cupboard in the garage? Phones in all these places will cause nothing but trouble. Your old phone will end up on a public waste site, causing damage to our water and land, if you throw it out with your daily rubbish.

When you want to make lots of money from recycling Nokia mobile phones , be sure to look at all the online recyclers for the best deals. Once you decide on a company, just full up the online form with the details of your phone and other information.

Within a few days you will get a free post jiffy bag from them that you can use to send in your phone. Once they receive and check your phone for non reported damage, they will send you a cheque.

If your phone is damaged or even broken, many recyclers will still offer you a fair amount for it, although this will be lower than if it was in working order. No matter how you look at it, this is still a better option than just throwing it away. Many Nokia stockists are more frequently making their customers aware of all the things that they can gain by recycling Nokia mobile phones. These companies will refurbish and resell the old phones, provided they still work. If not, then they’d be stripped for precious metals and spare parts.

Before you start recycling Nokia mobile phones , it is fundamental that you reasearch all the recycling companies first, to find the one that will offer you the most money. There are also many online mobile phone recycling comparison tools, that will help you find the best price for your old mobile. Take a look at these results, decide the best available option, and then send your Nokia phone to them for money!

Mobile Phone Recycling – There’s Easy Cash to be Made!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Do you want to learn more about mobile phone recycling? If this is the case then you may want to read this article to discover all that you need to know to recycle your old mobile phone.

There are about fifty million mobile phone users in the UK! Generally, people in the UK upgrade or replace their old mobiles about once a year. The issue is that all the new phones being purchased an equal amount of old ones will end up at the back of a cupboard somewhere or dumped at a public waste site. Worst of all, without mobile phone recycling, their old phones will eventually damage our environment and poison our water supplies, potentially causing all kinds of problems.

Plenty of Chemicals and More in your phone!

There are a lot of chemicals, metals and other substances used in the making of a mobile phone that are known to be hazardous to our environment. Some of the bad metals found inside our phones include: beryllium, cadmium, lead, and flame-retardants. If people come into contact with these harmful substances it is possible that they could suffer from lung problems, renal issues, tumours and various brain related complications.

Where to Recycle your Old Mobile Phone

You have the choice of many different ways to recycle your old phone, the one you eventually decide on will be determined by how much time you have to spend recycling it. The following list presents the ways in which you can recycle your old mobile phone:

* Most of time, you will get an envelope from your network which can be used to send your old handset to them for recycling.
* Help the under privileged or the ill by handing your old phone to the local charity shop to resell.
* Why not try auctioning your old phone online at places such as eBay should you want some cash for it?
* Your last, and possibly best option, is to sell your old phone to one of the many online mobile phone recycling companies. You could earn over £200 for your old phone this way.

Why you Should Choose a Mobile Phone Recycling Company:

* These companies will often give you some money for your damaged and broken phones too.
* You don’t need to send it all the accessories, just the phone and the battery will do.
* You will receive your payment within the week that your phone was accepted by them.
* Your old phone will be recycled properly, preventing it from damaging our environment.

Some would say you would be better served to sell your phone yourself and keep more of the profit. Whilst this option looks very good, you must realise that there is no guarantee that it will sell.

There is no better option than mobile phone recycling as not only can you prevent your old mobile from harming our environment but you can earn some money at the same time.

In order to find the best possible deal, you will need to compare the prices offered by all the different recycling companies before deciding which one to go with.

So, don’t just sit there, get all your old mobile phones out now, compare prices online, and earn some good cash buy recycling them!

Top Things to Consider when Recycling Nokia Mobile Phones

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Do you know that you can get paid cash for recycling Nokia mobile Phones and help save our planet?

You would be hard pressed to find an individual today that does not have a mobile phone. Giant steps in mobile phone innovation over the past few years have paved the way for rapid development of new mobile phones which are hitting our stores’ shelves everyday. Have a quick think about it, you are sure to have a few old mobile phones lost in a drawer somewhere.

The reality is that your precious mobile phone will soon be upgraded for a new one with the latest features and tools. As millions of new phones are bought daily, the amount of old, unused mobile phones could present a serious problem in the near future. In recent years Nokia mobile phone sales have enjoyed a steep rise in numbers. Due to such increases the best thing you could do to help curb this problem is find a company that will recycle your old mobile. What’s more is that 9 out of 10 times they will actually pay you cash for doing so. You should try to send all your old Nokia mobile phones to a mobile phone recycling company that has a reputation of recycling Nokia mobile Phones at a decent price.

Nokia have a dominent stake in the global mobile phone market. Despite increased competition by rival mobile phone manufacturers over the past few years and due to strong public demand, old Nokia phones are still selling for more than many of their competitors. One of the reasons they are so popular is the variety of mobile phones they offer, there is something for just about everyone.

Nokia Promises to Help Save our Planet

Nokia’s involvement in environmental affairs has quickly placed them at the forefront of the green revolution. Research has shown that about 44% of mobile phone users still have their old devices sitting unused in dark drawers. Recycling Nokia mobile phones is a good way to help curb this problem which is why Nokia have great offers for their customers when they are ready to recycle their old handsets.

Trade Up

Whenever you buy a new Nokia phone you can recycle as many as four old phones with them and best of all, they need not be Nokia branded phones either! Nokia will then send you cash back for recycling your used mobile phones. Alternatively, you could visit the recycling companies’ sites to see what they will offer you or find out what all the companies are offering in one simple place by using a mobile phone recycling comparison site. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it’s a win win situation!

The Need

recycling Nokia mobile Phones, or any other mobiles, lets you help save the earth whilst earning extra cash at the same time. Let’s leave our children with a planet that is in better not worse shape than how we found it!

Scan through some of the many mobile recycling sites for the best offer you can find for your old mobile phone. Scan around to see which recycler will offer you the highest price and recycle your old mobiles now!