Other than Selling Old Mobile Phones, what Can you do with them?

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Did you know you could sell old mobiles online? Is your old mobile phone just sitting around and collecting dust? People upgrade their phones daily with newer models, rendering their old ones obsolete. Did you know that you can sell your old mobile phone today and earn Pounds?

You can earn cash from many mobile phone recycling companies by selling them your old phone. If you have replaced your phone recently why not get paid for your old one instead of hoarding it?

Comparison Shopping

You should take note of the following information as it is very important to consider when selling your old phone online. When you shop online always remember to compare prices across the many different competitive suppliers. The best deals often hide in unexpected places so shop around until you get the most cash for your old mobile phone.

You can find out how much your old phone is worth by using the simple search tools that are available on most of the mobile recycling sites. Check offers across at least three of the more reputable recycling companies to ensure you are getting the highest price for your old mobile.

What is My Old Phone Worth?

Like many other consumer products mobile phones lose some of their value over time. Your phone could lose value so quickly that the offer your found ten seconds ago could have changed by the time you next login to that site!

Does My Phone Have to Work?

You would be correct in assuming that when you sell old mobile phones, it’s safe to presume that you will receive a better offer for a working phone than a non-working one. The best way to get rid of your old, non-working, mobile phone is to recycle it! Not only will you earn a few pounds but you will help protect the environment as well.

Recycling My Old Mobile Phone

After you have shopped around and are happy with the offer you have found, complete the form on that recycler’s site and wait a day or two for your jiffy bag to arrive. You will use this bag to send your phone to the recycling company for free.

Besides fully charging it, you have got to delete all your settings and remove your sim card when selling your old mobile. This is most simply done by choosing to reset factory settings. When your mobile phone is received and thoroughly checked, you will receive the compensation you originally chose.

You should always sell old mobile phones as you can earn some cash and save the environment at the same time.