Solar Panel And Its Advantages

Monday, July 12th, 2010

The utilization problem of environmentally clear and, moreover, free solar energy has been concerning humanity since immemorial times. But only recent success made in this direction has allowed starting to form a real and growing market of solar energy. By this time, the main ways of the direct solar energy using is its conversion into electricity and heat.

Solar panel may be characterized as a source of electric current through the photovoltaic cells. The advantage of solar panels is caused by the lack of moving parts, their high reliability and stability. Furthermore, their lifetime is practically unlimited. The disadvantages are its comparative high cost and low efficiency. The modular type of design allows installation with different voltage levels and almost of any capacity. Typically, solar panels work together with batteries and therefore their level of stress must be the same that is to say 12, 24, 36 Wt etc. Power output of solar battery is approximately proportional to the intensity of solar flux. And the number of received energy is affected by the intensity of direct sunlight. Rated power pointed in the specification is being measured under the standard test conditions. The value of 1000 W/m2 is being taken as a basis of normalized indicator of solar radiation. Another factor that influences the power is the temperature panel cells. The more temperature increases the more current increases, but stress decreases simultaneously.

We can use solar energy for different purposes. The generation of electrical energy is one of them. While using solar panels, the solar energy is being converted directly into electricity. This process is called as photoelectric effect. Utilization of solar electricity has many advantages. It is clean, quiet and reliable source of energy. First time photovoltaic panels have been used in space on satellites. Today, solar electricity is widely used. In remote areas where there is no centralized power, people use solar batteries to power individual households, to lift water and cool medicines. These systems often use batteries to store electricity evolved in afternoon. In addition, calculators, telecommunication systems, buoys, etc. often work on the solar electricity.

Powering of houses, offices and other buildings or generating electricity for centralized power networks are other areas of solar energy application.

There are several basic types of solar photovoltaic installations. The first one is the standalone system, which is used when there is no connection to the network. Solar modules generate electricity for lighting, power of the TV, radio, pumps, refrigerators or hand tools. Batteries are usually used for energy storage.

The second one is the connected to the network type of system. They are used when the object is connected to the centralized power. In this case, solar panels can be used to generate their own electricity. The excess of electricity is usually being sold to the electricity supplying companies. There are also backup systems. They are photovoltaic systems, which are connected to networks of poor quality. In case of power network disconnection or insufficient quality of network voltage, the solar system is used to cover the load.

It is a real gift that we live in the times when the government start to realize the value of living in harmony with the nature on this planet. And solar power grants is a real case proof of it. If you want to switch to solar energy, please find out more about how solar power grants and how exactly you can exploit these solar power grants for your living.

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