Cellular Phone Docking Station

Monday, January 18th, 2010

If you want to use your mobile phone at home in a more advantageous and relevant way, the cell phone docking station is the perfect solution to prevent exposure to phone radiations. How does it work? The cell phone docking station consists of a wireless phone base station; it comes with an in-built hands free and a handset so that you may select how to make the calls. The device also comes with an incorporated microphone and a volume control that make the usage even simpler. But you’ll enjoy several other things about your cell phone docking station.

Continuous connectivity, this is one great bit about the usage of a cell phone docking station. There are many dead zones where you cannot use the phone, or you simply get low battery and your phone closes. The cell phone docking station charges the cell phone and allows you to enjoy a reliable landline telephone and a mobile in just one unit. The fact that you don’t need a power outlet to charge the phone makes the cell phone docking station all the more valuable for extensive usage. Plus, as compared to the cell’s speakers, the station comes with superior sound quality.

The thing is that the speaker feature of your regular mobile device may not provide the same quality in communication as a cell phone docking station. Then comes multiroom connectivity, which means that both businesses and home users can take a call even if the cell phone is not in same room as the user. From this point of view, the cell phone docking station provides the same solutions as the traditional multiroom connectivity of landlines. Normally, the docking station can be wired to the building connectivity pattern by the same basic wall jacks, and without requiring any special devices.

To put it in simpler words: when the mobile rings but you don’t have it nearby, the regular phone in the room could take over, you just need to pick up the handset and answer the call. Wired and cordless phones can be connected to a cell phone docking stations, but interferences are possible when there are several wireless signals within a certain area. Put enough space between the devices and the problem is gone. The most advanced technology for the connection of a cell phone docking station relies on Bluetooth. You can even connect three cell phones at the same device and control it by multiple features.